Hey Dolls, I'm Rubie-lee and I am the face behind beautybyrubielee. 

I'm 18 years old and I'm from a beautiful little country called NEW ZEALAND! I left school when I was 17 years old, to study Make-up artistry and haven't looked back since..

It has been my dream to work in the cosmetic industry for as long as i can remember. I used to look at the guy's and gal's working behind high end make up counters and think to myself "that's where I want to be.." 

I love being able to help people look their best and feel confident. One of the main reasons I got into this area of Make up is because when I was a teen my skin type changed dramatically I suddenly had very sensitive very dry skin and no idea what skin care and beauty products to use. 

I know that the way you look affects the way you feel and I am now on a mission to share my tips and tricks of the trade..

One of the things I love about make up is having the option to be as subtle or avant garde as you dare. To me Make up artistry is exactly that.. art. The face is a canvas and anything is possible.


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